What Vegetables Have Calcium

What Vegetables Have Calcium – Vegetables are important to keep your health. This is because vegetables consist of nutrients and essential compounds. One of them is calcium. You need to have enough calcium level to keep your bone strong. By having enough calcium, you can prevent the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis. So, what vegetables have calcium? Hopefully, this list helps you to choose the best vegetables to fill your calcium need.


This vegetable is included as top vegetables consist of calcium. Per 100 gram kale, you can absorb around 139 mg of calcium. Calcium is not the only essential elements found in kale. This vegetable is also rich of flavonoid. It is found that there are more than 45 different types of flavonoids in kale. This is the reason why kale is also considered as an antioxidant vegetable. Just eat this vegetable regularly to keep your metabolism and keep you away from various diseases.


Broccoli is also known as a rich of nutrient vegetable. In fact, broccoli is not only good for you who need calcium. This vegetable is also the source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A. If it is calculated, the total of calcium within broccoli is around 74 mg calcium per cup. So, if your friends ask about what vegetables have calcium, you can say broccoli as one of them.


Spinach is a popular vegetable eaten by Popeye. It is a kind of important item which makes him strong. Actually, it is the same case in real world. In fact, this green vegetable contains of immune boosting so you can be stronger against viruses and diseases. Spinach is also a good option for children because of its vitamin C, vitamin A, manganese, and vitamin K. How about calcium? Of course you should eat spinach to get more calcium. You can absorb around 56mg calcium per cup. So, if you want to be as strong as Popeye, just eat spinach.


Actually, it is not only green vegetable which contains calcium. Just imagine that from this reference, soybean becomes the highest vegetable which can serve you with calcium. By eating a cup of soybeans you can get up to 175 mg of calcium. The problem is that soybean is considered as a genetically modified vegetable and it is dangerous for your health. Because of that, it is important to make sure to buy 100% soybeans so you can get the benefits from the essential compounds.


Besides the references above, okra also has a high level of calcium. A cup of okra can fulfill the need of 172mg of calcium. This is also the reason why okra is good for a diet program. You may enjoy boiled or fried okra to fill your calcium a day.


Some people think that it is only an additional vegetable and mostly add on several dishes. What you probably don’t know is that celery is also the source of calcium. Just eat two cups of raw celery and you will get around 81mg of calcium. Because of the small amount, you can just eat it as a healthy snack and it can be enjoyed with peanut butter. By eating such kind of snack, you can fill the need of calcium and also protein.

Tips to Cook Vegetables

You have already known about what vegetables have calcium. It is also important for you to know how to cook it. The way to cook determines the amount of nutrient including calcium you will get. Wrong way to cook the vegetables, you don’t get anything from it.

Steam the Vegetables

You may steam those vegetables. The main reason is because the vegetables don’t get contact with boiling water. Boiling water can leach the nutrients, especially vitamin and folate. So, if you don’t have any plan to drink the water, such as in soup, just steam it. Steaming is a good cooking process for broccoli.

Cook It on Microwave

The next thing you can do with your vegetables is cooking it in microwave. The reason is still the same because cooking with microwave doesn’t need water or just less of it. Beans and carrot are two best vegetables which can be cooked by microwave.
Now, you know more than just what vegetables have calcium. You can also learn a little bit about the best way to cook it so you can absorb the calcium maximally.


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