Types of Calcium Supplements

Types of calcium supplements are basically divided by the compounds in the supplements. There are at least four types of them that you can find in the market. The difference is only shown in the amount of elemental calcium contained by each type. Other than that, each supplement also uses different kinds of calcium compounds. The most common type or label of calcium supplements are such as:

• Calcium carbonate contains 40% of elemental calcium

• Calcium citrate contains 21% of elemental calcium

• Calcium gluconate contains 9% of elemental calcium

• Calcium lactate contains 13% of elemental calcium

Basically carbonate and citrate are the main forms of calcium supplements. Calcium carbonate offers cheaper price with the best option among other options. Other than that, some of them are also combined with other vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D is the most common vitamin you will find in some types of the supplements along with magnesium. If you want to know about the ingredients, you can check the box label. The box will also let you know the important information in case you have dietary concern or certain health condition.

The benefits of calcium

Calcium is essential for your body because it helps your body to create and maintain the strong bones. Besides, the other organs such as nerves, muscles, and hear need the calcium to do their job properly. Taking calcium with vitamin D will be really good for your bones and it also prevents the osteoporosis or other issues related to the bones. Other than that, it can protect your body against high blood pressure, diabetes, and also cancer even though it is not definitive.

Who should consider the calcium supplements?

You may have a balance and healthy diet but you also need to know that it cannot be enough sometimes. Calcium is only found in certain types of food. If you do not eat that kind of food, then you will need the supplement. You may need the types of calcium supplements if you:

• Apply vegan diet for your daily dietary

• Limit the consumption of dairy product or have the lactose intolerant

• Too much consumption of sodium or protein because it can make your body to excrete too much calcium

• Suffer from osteoporosis

• Consume the corticosteroid as the long-term treatment for certain health condition

• Have certain disease related to the bowel or digestive matter.

It will decrease the ability of your body to absorb calcium.If you are into that kind of situation then you may need the calcium supplement so you still can have enough calcium to be given to your body. Still, it is strongly advised to talk to your doctor first before taking one of the supplements. The doctor will suggest which one is the most suitable for you.

Do the calcium supplements have risk?

I will say that all types of calcium supplements are not for everyone. For example, if a person suffers from a condition that makes your body produces excessive calcium then you cannot consume the supplement.

Other than that, somehow the calcium supplements can be linked to the heart disease, even though it is not definitive yet. Of course it still needs the other stronger evidence with many researches.

There is still another controversy related the supplement. It said that there is a relation of calcium supplements and prostate cancer. Several researches suggest that high calcium consumption from the dairy products and the supplement may take the risk higher. Meanwhile, other studies showed the contrast result.

Until the further information about the risk of calcium supplements, it is always important to make sure and be careful about avoiding the too much amount of calcium. Talking to the doctor in the first place will really help you to determine what the next step you can choose, just like any other health issue.

Other than that, taking anything in too much amount will always bring unwanted results to your body. Even though the dietary calcium can be generally safe for your body, taking excessive calcium will not improve your health condition. As I have said earlier, you better read the label on the box to check the ingredients of the supplements. So, this is the end of types of calcium supplements.

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