The Best Calcium Supplement for Osteopenia

Best calcium supplement for osteopenia is necessary for the healing process of this disease. Your bones are in dire need of a calcium supply. And, if it happens continuously, there is a big chance that this disease will become much worse than before. The funny thing is the one that makes this disease can become even worse is your body itself. Your body actually discards and builds bones constantly. If you do not get the calcium from the food you consume, your body automatically takes the calcium you need from your bones. If your body continues to absorb calcium from the bone without replacing it and it goes yearly, your bones will weaken and break easily. This leads to a bone disease called “Osteopenia.” 80% of people with osteoporosis are women. Women’s risk is greater because women have fewer bone tissue and more rapidly lose calcium in their life cycle, partly because of menopause. 50% of women and 25% of men over 50 will have osteoporosis.

The definition of osteopenia

Osteopenia refers to the low mineral level in the bones. This is a condition where bone mineral level is below normal but not reachable to osteoporosis. Therefore, there is hope for you to recover from this disease before it’s too late. The mineral content of the bone is the measurement of mineral levels in the bone, which shows how solid and strong our bones are. People with osteopenia have a greater risk of osteoporosis. This is because over time, your BMD levels may be very low compared to normal levels, and this condition is known as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis often occurs because osteopenia is not immediately treated.

Calcium and D3

Healthy bones depend not only on calcium intake alone, but other nutrients are needed to support calcium work like magnesium and vitamin D. Magnesium is needed to regulate the rhythm of heartbeat and blood pressure, and facilitate the metabolism of sugar and fat.

Magnesium also helps the nervous system and combat problems like insomnia and anxiety.
Magnesium prevents the buildup of calcium in the kidneys. Vitamin D and magnesium are needed to optimize the absorption of calcium and help maintain bone health.


a. Helps to strengthen and maintain healthy bones, teeth and gums that prevent osteoporosis, dental and gum disease.
b. Maintain heart health and blood vessels, help regulate the heart rate rhythm.
c. Helps for the transmission of nerve impulse, work / muscle contraction and prevent muscle cramps.
d. Required for normal blood clotting.
e. It is recommended for menopausal women because decreased estrogen causes a lot of calcium lost from bone.
f. Accelerate recovery for people with broken bones.- Very good for the growth of the child’s bones.
g. Helps overcome insomnia, headaches, maintain healthy skin and prevent early cataracts.
h. Helps reduce the risk of gastric ulcer and constipation.

There are many supplements that are sold freely on the market. Basically a calcium supplement can be used as a supplement to support osteopenia cure. A good osteopenia supplement, ideally, is a supplement that contains not only calcium but also vitamin D 3. Vitamin D3 will help the absorption of calcium optimally so that it can speed healing. Best calcium supplement for osteopenia helps to overcome dysmenorrhea, helps the ovaries to produce estrogen, and helps lower blood pressure in the treatment of hypertension. However, you need to know, it’s always much better, if you use natural way to get the calcium, magnesium or other nutrition that your body need. That means you need to consume the ingredient that has lots of substance that your body need. Of course, it would be even much better, if you consume the healthy one and organic ingredient. But, we know that using the natural method, like consuming vegetables, fish and meat, will take much longer time to give the effect that you want. We don’t say that supplement is a bad choice. The supplement is the better choice, if you have already suffered for osteopenia and want to prevent it to change into osteoporosis. But, would it better, if you can prevent this problem come into your life by changing your life into a healthier lifestyle. Consuming healthy and nutrition-rich food is one of the best method to do that.