The Benefits of Calcium Powder For Teeth

Calcium Powder For Teeth has recently been on the rise as evidenced by the ever increasing interest from the public – more so those who are health conscious and concerned about the ingredients of commercially prepared toothpaste on the market. It seems like every single toothpaste that is readily available on the market contains harmful ingredients such as fluoride and glycerin, which may bring serious issue if used in the long run. Surprised? We bet you are.

The harmful effects of commercially prepared toothpaste

The majority of people believe the marketing ploy they see in virtually everywhere, and that is the importance of fluoride. Yes, fluoride is marketed as a beneficial substance with the incredible healing power. Not only does it help us maintain our dental health, it also helps us get rid of dental issues such as oral cavities – but is that the truth? Quite the contrary, fluoride poses a myriad of serious health problem as it’s actually a by-product of either aluminium, steel industry or phosphate fertilizer industry, and not at all a nutrient just like how it’s widely marketed by these commercial toothpaste brands.

Not only does it worsen your condition if you’re already dealing with tooth decay, fluoride also doubles your risk of getting dental fluorosis. If you think having a nasty disfigured teeth is the end of the world, wait until you hear about how fluoride damages pineal gland that is situated between the hemispheres of a human brain. Not only that, there’s also a connection between bone damages such as arthritis and aching joints with fluoride. If all of these do not make you stumble looking for an alternative, we do not know what will.

The worst of all, most of us has been exposed by fluoride every day. Maybe, you are not realizing it, after you read this article. The mineral water and tap water that we usually consume, actually has high fluoride in it. It’s not only coming from the water company that add this substance to keep the water pure, but also from the material that gradually came off from the water pipe that goes through. Therefore, even though you are avoiding or stopping use fluoride toothpaste, there is a big chance that you are still exposed by this substance. However, it’s still a good choice to do, if you avoid it, so you won’t get too much exposure. In the US itself, there is research that found that about 40% teenager has dental fluorosis problems. Basically, it can become the real serious problem. And, it’s not only toothpaste and water; however the food, cooking utensils, like non-stick pans and many more. More than that, the fluorosis can be used as the way to detect that there is more problem in your body related to the bone. For teenager or children, this will give them growth problem, which can be really problematic in the future.

The benefits of using Calcium Powder instead of toothpaste

Fluoride is not the only harmful substance found in commercial toothpaste products, glycerin has recently made its way to the list of ingredients and it’s bad news since it coats our enamel – making remineralization virtually impossible. As dangerous as they are, toothpaste is a product that we cannot seem to let go of. The best way to deal with this problem? Trying to find a better, and healthier alternative.

Fortunately for you, you do not have to rack your brain trying to find an alternative on your own because here, we’re going to present you with an alternative that is ten thousand times better and healthier than commercially prepared toothpaste products on the market. Calcium Powder, also known as Dental Powder may be readily available in some places – however, you can also make it on your own. They are rich in mineral which are vital for both our gums and teets such as calcium and potassium. Best of all? They contain non-toxic substances. Ready to make it on your own? It’s very simple. Combine 4 parts of Bentonite Clay, ½ part of myrrh gum powder, ½ part of ground stevia, ½ part of cloves, 1 part of baking soda and a drop of cinnamon essential oil. Put it in a mason jar and shake until they’re well-combined. Simply apply a small amount of this mixture to your toothbrush to use this Calcium Powder For Teeth.