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Does Fish Oil Help Lower Cholesterol?

Does fish oil help lower cholesterol? Actually, there are several natural ways you can try to overcome your issues with bad cholesterol. Thus, we will discuss about cholesterol and how it can interfere with your life through this article. Other than that, I will also show you some tips to lower your cholesterol level as well as maintain your health.

There are two types of cholesterol in each human body: the good and the bad one. Bad cholesterol or also known as the high cholesterol is touted as one of the biggest risk factors for diseases related to heart. Cholesterol is something waxy that consists of substance like fat that is produced by the liver. Some of them are also created due to the diet habit. When this cholesterol comes in the right amount, it can be so essential in order to produce vitamin D and certain hormones.

Cholesterol gets around your body through the blood. Too much of it in your blood will build up the artery walls. It leads to atherosclerosis or the condition when the arteries are hardened. It also results the narrowed arteries and the interrupted flow of oxygen when the blood brings it to the heart. In some points, people also ask “does fish oil help lower cholesterol”.

The symptoms of high cholesterol

Unfortunately, there is no specific symptoms exist in high cholesterol. This is why cholesterol can be really bad and dangerous. You have to make sure that you eat clean so the risk of heart disease will not be increasing too. High levels of cholesterol may also lead to other serious illness.

The cause of high cholesterol

Genetic can play role in this matter. So, if you have parents that suffer from high cholesterol then you probably will have a higher risk of getting it in your blood. But you have to remember that diet also contributes in your cholesterol levels. Overweight people tend to get this disease too, and it is really important to make your body moves along. The other factor is the age. When you get older, you have a higher risk of having a higher cholesterol level. Women before menopause have lower bad cholesterol levels and when they hit the menopause they will get a higher level.So, does fish oil help lower cholesterol?

How to prevent high cholesterol

There are several ways you can try that will benefit you and also help you to get away from the haunt of high cholesterol. Most of them are about lifestyle and dietary matters. So, check this out:

• Shed some pounds because ideal body weight will make your life a lot better.

• Cut off the sugar and carbs intake in your diet because it can produce the saturated fat and it is not good for your body.

• Trans-fatty acids are not good so you better avoid eating processed foods. Real foods are much better than anything.

• Doing exercise will make your body and the whole inner organs active. Your heart needs the beat booster (in a good way) and the good cholesterol can also increase just by exercising.

• Avoid smoking because it can lead to heart disease. It has been proven though.

• Do not be at stress. If it is necessary, you can meditate or yoga or anything you like.

Nutrition and supplements

You do not have to consume some chemical things in order to keep yourself away from high levels of bad cholesterol or we call it LDL. Stay out of trouble is better than go to the doctor, right?

Fish oil is highly recommended for maintaining your body and staying away from bad cholesterol. It contains omega-3 fatty acids in abundant. It has been proven that it can lower the bad cholesterol in your body. On the other hands, fish oil also increases the good cholesterol in your blood and minimize the clotting as well as inflammation in your body.

You can get this omega-3 fatty acid from black cod, mackerel, herring, sardines, and salmon. Two grams for a day will be a real boost.

Besides fish oil, you have to eat more soluble fiber that can be derived from ground flax, carrots, peas, barley, oats, citrus fruits, apples, and beans as well as lentils. So, does fish oil help lower cholesterol?

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