The Functions of Calcium Supplements for Toddlers

One of the growths of children affected by calcium supplements for toddlers is height. Usually parents will be happy if the child has more height than his peers or at least the same with peers. To achieve optimal height, children need to meet the needs of calcium to support bone growth. Calcium can be obtained from many foods, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. Or, children can also get calcium from supplements. But, whether calcium supplements are needed children to support bone growth?

Do children need to be supplemented with calcium?

Actually children do not need calcium supplements because a lot of food that can provide a source of calcium for children. If children do not like milk, there are many other options to meet the needs of children’s calcium. Some studies conclude that children do not get much benefit from the consumption of calcium supplements and calcium-fortified foods.

If the child’s calcium intake is very small, children may need calcium supplements. However, if the child’s calcium intake is only slightly less meet their needs, you should add another child’s calcium intake from milk, cheese, yogurt, soy milk, and others, because if you add the intake of calcium supplements, it is feared that the children’s calcium intake would be excessive.

However, if you think the child’s calcium intake is very far from the recommended, it would not hurt you to provide calcium supplements in children. But, before taking the decision, you should consult your doctor first. This way, you can find out more about your kid’s body condition.

Excess calcium intake is also not good for children’s health. Excessive intake of calcium supplements can inhibit the absorption of iron. In addition, too much calcium in the body can also cause constipation. Worse yet, excessive consumption of calcium supplements may increase the risk of children experiencing kidney stones.

The other important thing that you need to know is calcium isn’t actually the main substance that your baby needs to grow. In fact, if you give your children too much calcium, it will disturb your children’s natural growth. When your children grow, your child’s body basically stretches the joint and the space that created because of this process will be filled up with bone tissue, which is shaped by using calcium. Now, if your children have too much calcium, it will fill up this part faster and in the future, it won’t be able to be stretched anymore. If that happens, your children won’t be able to grow taller anymore. Therefore, it’s important, if you control the calcium that your children will get. There is even some study that children actually don’t need too much milk, to limit the calcium, so they can grow much better. Therefore, you really need to consider giving the supplement to your children. Make sure you only give it, if your children need it. Of course, you need to consult this matter, with the doctor, to know more your child’s condition.

What affects the absorption of calcium in toddlers?

Although children already consume foods that contain calcium, but you also have to pay attention to whether the child’s body has absorbed calcium well. Yes, sometimes what children eat can not be absorbed by the body completely because there are some things that interfere with the absorption of these nutrients.

Other foods that children eat can interfere with the absorption of calcium in the child’s body. For example, potato chips, soft drinks, hamburgers, pizza, and other junk food. Foods containing high sodium, fat, and phosphorus can cause reduced calcium absorption. So if your child has been drinking lots of milk and eating calcium source food, but also eating lots of junk food, it can be a waste of money.

In addition to foods that interfere with calcium absorption, there are also nutrients that can increase calcium absorption. Calcium absorption can be increased with the help of vitamin D. Children can get vitamin D from food and also from the sun. Sunlight can help synthesize vitamin D in the body. Thus, enough sun exposure received by children every day can support the growth of children. Many activities outside the home can help children get vitamin D from the sun and can also support the development of the bones of children when compared with the consumption of calcium supplements for toddlers.


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