Calcium Rich Foods List for a Healthier Life

Looking for Calcium Rich Foods List to consume on a daily basis? We have you covered! Majority of people think they get enough calcium from that glass of milk they drink every morning during breakfast, and as they get older, they may realize there has been a mistake. The most important question here is, does a glass of milk only enough for your Calcium intake every day?

What happens when you do not get enough calcium?

Perhaps they have just been diagnosed with chronic Osteoporosis, or perhaps they encounter dental issue – it would be a nightmare to have a few of your teeth fall off when you are only in your 40s. “This kind of issues happened to my 75-year old grandmother, how could it happen to me when I am still in my 40s?” some of us say in disbelief. Something has to be wrong, there has to be a mistake – they are sure. After all how could anyone who had been consuming a glass of milk daily get Osteoporosis and dental issues, right? Wrong.

Calcium is a mineral that is stored in abundance in the human body. With 99-percent of it stored in the structures of our teeth and bones and the remaining 1-percent is used to optimize our nerve transmissions, muscle contractions, and hormone secretion – it is, without a doubt, important for us to ensure adequate calcium consumption on a daily basis. However, if there is one thing that many people seem to not realize, it is the fact that milk is not the only source of calcium. This perhaps a surprising fact to many, especially the ones who believe a glass of milk a day is enough calcium intake.

And, that’s not all. There are also many side effects that you can get if you don’t get enough daily Calcium. Other than bone problem, like Osteoporosis or dental problem, lack of Calcium also can cause obesity. The main reason why it happens because there is Parathyroid Hormone your body produced. This hormone is needed to add more Calcium level in your body. By releasing this hormone, your body will take the calcium from your bone and release in your blood. The Calcium will be used for many different needs, like repairing your body tissue and many more. However, if there is too much Parathyroid Hormone, because you are lack of Calcium, your body won’t be able to break the fats. In the end, your body will store the fats and it will become extra weight, which lead to obesity problem. Therefore, a glass of milk, which is said to have high Calcium, isn’t enough. You will need to add more foods; of course it would be better if you choose the organic one, to get enough Calcium supply every day.

Top 13 Calcium-rich food sources you don’t know

Osteoporosis, muscle spasm or tension, tooth decay, and high blood pressure are four of the most common symptoms of calcium deficiency. If you have been dealing with any or all of the aforementioned symptoms, it is time for you to boost your daily calcium intake and pay more attention to your health. At least 1200-milligrams of calcium are needed for those of you who are older than 50-year old, and both men and women under 50 should at least aim for 1000-milligrams of calcium daily.

• 8-oz of plain yogurt contains at least 415-mg calcium

• 3-ounces sardines contains 325-mg calcium• 1.5-ounces shredded Cheddar cheese contains 306-mg calcium

• 6-oz of kefir contains 300-mg calcium• 8-ounces of raw milk contains 300-mg calcium

• 1-ounce sesame seeds contains 280-mg calcium

• ½ cup of firm tofu contains 250-mg calcium

• 3-ounces salmon contains 181-mg calcium• ½ cup cooked spinach contains 145-mg calcium

• 1 ½ cup of cooked broccoli contains 93-mg calcium• 1-oz of almonds contains at least 76-mg calcium

• 1 cup of Bok Choy contains 74-mg calcium

• 1 cup of watercress contains at least 41-mg calcium

These are, however, not the only sources of calcium. In general, any raw green vegetables and raw dairy contain the highest amount. In addition, to ensure our body properly and effectively absorb all of the calcium-rich food you are consuming, you must also either take supplements or eat foods rich in vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself prepared and put this Calcium Rich Foods List to a good use.