Best Kind of Creatine

The best kind of creatine will be explained through this article. But first of all we need to know about what creatine is. Creatine is one of the dietary supplements that are widely studied by many scientists. Basically, our body can naturally produce this substance or molecule. This molecule has various functions that really important for the body, especially for producing energy. Even though you can get this molecule from dietary supplement, there are several foods that provide this substance. Most meats are the best producer of creatine.

Well, you can always eat that kind of food and take the supplement in order to increase the store of your body. If you like to exercise or building muscles, this step is highly recommended. On the other hands, it has proven to fight the disease that strikes your body besides improving the performance of your exercise.

There are many types of the supplement and you may hardly choose one of them. But the best kind of creatine will help you to reach your goal and build the muscle in your body. If you are following the vegetarian dietary then consuming the creatine supplement will be good for your body, especially if you want to increase the muscle mass.
Below, I will try to explain several types of creatine you will find in the market. So, if you are confused to choose one of the supplements, then reading this article thoroughly will help you to decide, hopefully.

Creatine Monohydrate

This is the most common form of creatine supplement. I will consider it as best kind of creatine since most of the beneficial effects of this molecule is found in this supplement. Well, Creatine Monohydrate is able to improve the upper and lower body part, especially if you are exercising.
It improves your strength and boosts up the content of water in the muscle cells. This is why the growth of muscles will be boosted too. This substance is safe even though there are several minor, side effects that you probably will experience. They are such as upset stomach and cramping. The condition can be overcome by taking smaller dose of it.
Creatine monohydrate is also considered as the affordable kind.

Creatine Ethyl Ester

Several manufacturers claim that this substance is better than the previous one. But the studies performed by several scientists that compare those two creatines found that the latter was not as good as the first one in increasing the content of creatine in the blood as well as muscles. This is why creatine ethyl ester is highly not recommended for use.

Creatine Hydrochloride

This creatine gained the big popularity with some supplement users as well as big manufacturers. It was reported as the superior solubility especially in the water. Thus, it can be consumed in smaller amount of dose as the speculation. By reducing the dose, hopefully, it can reduce the common side effects on human body like cramping or upset stomach.

This theory, however, is still a speculation and not tested yet. Doctor will not recommend this to the patient since it has never been tested for human yet. But if that is right then it has the possibility to be the best kind of creatine.

Buffered Creatine

Buffered creatine is the result of alkaline power in it. It is supposed to make the creatine more stable in the stomach. Still, it is designed to increase the existed beneficial points and reducing the bad side effects like cramping and bloating.

There is no difference between the buffered and monohydrate creatine. It gives more strength and increase the muscle mass in the body. But since this molecule does not provide new unique character so monohydrate creatine is still the best kind of creatine in the market in nowadays.

Liquid Creatine

Most of creatine supplements are in the powder form. And actually there is a ready-to-drink version in the market so you do not have to dilute it in the water. But unfortunately, it is less effective than the monohydrate creatine. You also cannot mix your creatine powder with water and then leave it for a few days because it may break down anyway. So, if you want to mix the powder with water, you better do it before consuming the best kind of creatine.


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